National Seminar On Discourses of Human Trafficking: Reflections on various perspectives 8-9 Feb at SLS, Hyderabad [Submit by 15 Jan]

Theme of the Seminar
Billions of human beings particularly women and children have been trafficked from one place to the other place. It’s a trade which involves buying and selling of person for different purposes i.e. forced labor, domestic servitude bonded labor, commercial sexual exploitation, forced marriage, forced surrogacy, organ trade. It is the worst form of violence. Therefore, the conceptualization of the phenomenon principally lies in the elements of ‘force’, ‘coercion’,’deception’ ‘lack of freedom, choice and agency’.
Poverty, unemployment, political turmoil, natural calamities, conflicts are some of the primary causes that results in trafficking in human beings. These buying and selling of person as lucrative merchandise hence forth results in serious loss of self of the trafficked individual. It gives to physical and mental suffering the victim of trafficking.

Objective of the seminar
The main motive of the seminar is to explore multi-disciplinary approach to the various dimensions of trafficking. By the medium of this seminar we want to through some light on the issues like regional partnerships, identification and recovery for the victims of this kind of violence in India ad Abroad.
This seminar invites academicians, students, teachers, practitioners,the general public, and an opportunity for concerned citizens, victims, service providers, public, legal and medical professionals, law enforcement and government agencies, social workers, embassy and consulate staff, faith and business leaders to be informed and congregate to support the rights of the victims and survivors.

Call for papers
A high quality, original and unpublished research, results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of Human Trafficking, slavery and exploitation contributions from the side of prospective authors are cordially invited to [email protected]
Sub-themes of the seminar
The primary objectives of the Seminar are to, conceptualize and critically analyze the various dimensions of human trafficking. Some of the themes under which the seminar will be going to organized are as follows: 
  • Theoretical Perspectives on human trafficking
  • History of the human trafficking 
  • Modes of combat trafficking
  • Child sex trafficking and sexual abuse
  • Trafficking and Law
  • Trafficking in different states in India
  • Mass media and new media in human trafficking
  • The role of government, NGO’s in combating human trafficking
  • Anti trafficking efforts
  • Addressing the demand for trafficking

Guidelines for Authors
Please ensure your submission meets the seminar strict guidelines for accepting scholarly papers. The style for the paper is in MLA format. 
Registration Fee
Once the Abstract is selected, participants will be sent registration fee in Indian Rupees.
  • Students/ Scholars – 700, Co- Author – 1000
  • Professionals/Teachers – 1000, Co- Author – 1500
  • For Internal Participants: 300, Co-Author- 500
  • Last date for abstract submission is, 15th January, 2020.
  • Last date for complete paper submission 31st January, 2020
  • Last date for registration 20th January, 2020
  • Date of Seminar 8th – 9th February 2020
Participants in need of accommodation can send an email. Accommodation shall be provided to the participants with separate charge subject to availability.
Venue of the Seminar : Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, Survey No. 292, Off Bangalore Highway Village: Mamidipalle, Mandal
Nandigama, Hyderabad, Telangana 509217
  • All submitted seminar papers will be blind peer reviewed. The peer-reviewed papers will be published in a book form.
  • Date of the Seminar : 8th and 9th February 2020 

  • Papers and presentation shall be sent on-

      [email protected]

Convener Dr. Priyanka R. Mohod ( Incharge of Centre for Gender Studies) 
Students Committee
Jyotsna Jnanashekar- Mob. 9573958637 
Rachit Jain- Mob. 7993824289 
Chiranshu Arora- Mob. 7337598157

Form More info visit website
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