PostDoc Researcher in Political Behaviour at Åbo Akademi University, Finland 1 Feb 2020

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The Social Science Research Institute at Åbo Akademi University invites applications to a fixed term position as Postdoctoral researcher in political behavior (deliberative experiments, survey research). The proposed start date is 1st February 2020 and the duration of the employment period three years

About University
Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) is an internationally acknowledged research university with an extensive responsibility for providing education in Swedish in Finland. With its international research community and strong Nordic ties, Åbo Akademi University has an acclaimed and recognized position within research and education both nationally and internationally. The Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics joins the central scientific fields of business, jurisprudence and social sciences.
The Social Science Research Institute is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics, ÅAU. The position is linked to two overlapping research projects, the Future of Democracy (FutuDem) and Participation and Long-term Decision-Making (PALO). FutuDem is a centre of excellence (CoE), financed by ÅAU during 2019-2023. PALO is financed by the Academy of Finland during 2017-2021. Both projects conduct empirical research concerning the future of democracy. The Social Science Research Institute is located in both Turku and Vasa. 

Position summary
The Postdoctoral researcher is expected to 
  • Assist in conducting deliberative mini-public experiments and survey research including survey experiments;
  • Collaborate with the leaders of the FutuDem to write scientific articles;
  • Conduct independent research that is linked to at least one of the specific topics in the two projects: democratic backsliding, populism, civic literacy, inequalities in political participation, social media and societal polarization, and/or participatory and deliberative democracy;
  • Participate in general coordination of the two projects.
The tasks of the Postdoctoral researcher consist mainly of research. Part of the working time can be allocated to other tasks such as teaching, supervision and administration.  

Educational requirements and qualifications
The successful candidate will
  • Hold a PhD, most likely in Political science, or must have submitted his/her doctoral thesis for assessment prior to the application deadline. It is a condition of employment that the PhD has been awarded before 1stJanuary 2020;
  • Have a maximum of five years of postdoctoral research experience;
  • Have a strong interest in quantitative methods;
  • Have proven quantitative analysis skills with relevant software such as SPSS, R or Stata;
  • Have a good publication record on relevant themes;
  • Have the ability to work independently and as a part of a team;
  • Be fluid in both written and oral English.
For the evaluation and comparison of the applicants, the following criteria will be considered in the following priority order:
  • Scientific competence, including merits such as scientific publications in the field, other contributions to research projects such as experience in rising external funding; relevant methodological competence such as skills in academic writing and statistical analyses. 
  • Interactive skills, including good cooperative skills, administrative experience and societal assignments within the subject area.
  • Pedagogical competence, including experience in teaching and supervising students, experience of planning and developing of teaching, and studies in university pedagogy. 
The appointment will take place after an overall assessment of the candidate’s skills to carry out the duties included in the position. Potential candidates will be invited for an interview. Candidates will then be asked to hold a short presentation during which they present their research plans and intended contribution to the research project.

Working time and salary
ÅAU adheres to the regulations of the General collective agreement for universities. The total working time of researchers is 1624 hours per year. Salary is determined according to the salary system of Finnish universities for teaching and research personnel and will fall within demand level 5 or 6, which corresponds to a work task specific salary component of 2935.55-3423.25 euros. In addition to the work task specific salary component, a salary component of 6-50% based on the selected candidate’s qualifications and professional experience will be paid.

Please submit your application on the university web site (Åbo Akademi University). The closing date for the applications is 5th December 2019.
The application should include:
  • Applicant’s CV, a full publication list and copies of PhD-diploma;
  • 3 relevant publications (as link or pdf.-file);
  • Up to 2 letters of recommendation;
  • A 2-page statement of how the applicant will link own research with the FutuDem/PALO research agenda.
Contact Details
Professor Kimmo Grönlund, Director of the Social Science Research Institute ([email protected])
Research director Lauri Rapeli ([email protected]). 
HR-specialist Ann-Katrin Laine ([email protected]) can provide information about the recruitment process.
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