Call for Papers: MyLawman Yearbook 2019-2020 [Submit by 15 Dec 2019]

About MyLawman

MyLAWMAN was founded in 2011 with an objective to disseminate open legal resources and legal scholarships. Currently, it works as Open Journal of Legal discussions, comments, law notes and also with a different section on Know Your Law/Rights for common persons. The Law courses and Legal events takes place at different law schools in association with MyLawman. MyLawman proudly shares the legal scholarship in different parts of the world through website, email deliveries and Year book (which rounds up the year with top articles and circulates to around the world). MyLawman shapes the students and legal professionals with different training courses and programmes and internships. Every Year more than 100 law students from different law schools take out the internships at MyLawman and sharpen their professional and legal research skills. Our mentors and Editorial Members include seasoned professors, academicians and practitioners.

About MyLAWMAN YearBook 2019-2020
MyLawman Yearbook (earlier as LAWMAN Year Roundup) first published in 2015 with an objective to redo all the good content of the MyLawman (earlier LAWMAN). 
Yearbook 2019 includes few articles from the 2019 roundup and few others from the outside. YearBook sums up the idea of dissemination of legal research. On the same line it is circulated around the corners of the world including some top law schools of the world like Missouri Western University, Texam AM Law School, other European, Australian, Japanese, Chinese and South Asian and African Law Schools.
MyLAWMAN invites for papers/comments/research notes on any areas of Law and Society, policies and politics with an extension of related subjects of International diplomacy and relation, Law of Conflict and Peace Studies and Governance. 

Submission Guidelines

Kindly go through our Submission Guidelines and Plagiarism Policy, Referencing Guidelines and Formatting Guidelines before submitting your manuscripts. Please note that we accept only original work (it is fine if you have published it somewhere else, just let us know). We expect our contributors to adhere to the highest levels of academic honesty and ethics.

Plagiarism Policy

We understand that new ideas and views are formed and inspired while reading and understanding other’s ideas and views. It is therefore important to acknowledge the inputs and insights that an earlier work might have lent to your work. We at Lexpress condemn any manner of academic theft and plagiarism. We specifically condemn the following:

  • A verbatim copy of another’s work without acknowledgement.
  • Close paraphrasing of another’s work without acknowledgement.
We also discourage extreme referencing with no or very little input from the author.

Referencing Guidelines

It is important to note that if in a particular work you have not referred to any previous work and it is only a narration of incidents or your own views and opinions on an incident or subject, then no referencing would be required. However, if you have taken help of earlier work/s or your article builds on or discusses another’s work then referencing would be mandatory.
At MyLawman, we prefer the ILI Citation Style for referencing styles. Please include a bibliography at the end of your manuscript, listing out your references.

Formatting Guidelines
  • Font Size and Type. Font for text all throughout the paper should be 12-pt., Times New Roman.
  • Spacing. Double-space for the whole document, including appendices, footnotes, tables and figures (if any). For spacing after punctuation, space once after commas, colons and semicolons within sentences and space twice after punctuation marks that end sentences.
  • Text Alignment and Indentation. The Document should be justified.i.e text is spaced so that the left and right sides of the text block both have a straight edge. Single indentation wherever thought appropriate.
  • Active Voice. we would prefer if you wrote in an active voice. An example of this would be, instead of writing “according to the study,” it should be “according to our study.” This way, papers are made to be as active as possible.
  • Order of Pages. The order of pages should follow this format:Title Page > Abstract > Body > References > Appendices > Footnotes > Tables > Figures

Important Dates

  • Last date for Abstract Submission: 15 December 2019.
  • Last date for full paper submission: 15 January 2019  Submissions must be made in MS Word doc or docx.)
  • Intimation of the selection of Full Paper: Within 15 days of submission.
Publication Fee
Single Authored: 800/-
Co-Authored: 1200/-
Payment Details

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Mode of Submission
Submission of the Abstract with short Bios of Author(s) must be made through an e-mail at editor[at] with subject line “Submission of Article for MyLawman yearbook” before the due date.
Upon acceptance of submission, full paper along with Payment Fees proof must be sent to same Email ID.
All abstracts and papers shall be blind peer reviewed. Appropriate editing/defence of editing asked by reviewer, must be made by author for publication.

MyLawman shall be the sole copyright owner of all the published materials. Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of research, private study of criticism, no part of this issue of yearbook may be copied , adapted, abridged, translated, stored in any retrieval system, computer system, photographic or other system or reproduced in any form by means whether electronic, mechanical, digital, optical, photographic, or otherwise without prior written permission from the publisher/editors.
The editors, publishers and printers do not own any responsibility for the views expressed by the contributors and for the errors, if any, in the information contained in the Journal.
Please note that only the selected Author(s) will be intimated via email. Rest shall be free to submit their manuscripts in other journals after 10 days of submission.

Mr. Abhinav K. Mishra: (+91) 9958948005 (abhinav[at]
Mr. Harshit Kiran: (+91) 9472434013 (harshit[at]

For any queries or clarifications, reach out to us at: editor[at] or[at]

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