First Opinion Writing Competition at NLU, Jodhpur (₹ 5000 Prize) [Submit by 13 Oct]


In furtherance of our objectives, the Centre for Legal Theory is proud to announce the first edition of its opinion writing competition. Our aim is to create a conversation on a plethora of themes and scenarios designed to incite debate and opinions. We are not expecting overly technical entries, but rather practical, engaging and opinion orientated content. We do not expect in-depth legal arguments, but rather, an insight into your opinion and your reasons for the same. 



There is no age or academic requirement. We welcome submissions from anyone with an opinion and a passion for writing. There is no registration fee required. 
All submissions must be completely original and unpublished. Plagiarism will not be accepted. 
There is a restriction of one entry per author. If more than one article is submitted, only the latest submission within the stipulated timeline, will be considered for the purpose of this competition. 


The articles must not exceed 2000 words. 
The content should be written in Times New Roman Font with a size of 12. Line Spacing should be 1.5. 


Your submissions will be judged on the basis of novelty, coherence, reasoning and use of language. 
The questions provided with the problem are intended merely as an aid for contributors. Authors are encouraged to think out of the box and may address any additional issue directly related to the scenario. 


The winning contributions will be announced on 28th October, 2019. 
The top 3 entries will stand a chance to be published on the Original Position – the official blog of the Centre for Legal Theory. 
The top 3 contributors will also receive certificates and ₹2,500, ₹1,500 and ₹1,000 respectively as prize money. 


To apply, fill this form here    

Apply Here/Download/button

Submissions will be accepted till 23:59 hrs on 13th October 2019.
In case of any further queries, please contact at [email protected] 
We look forward to receiving your contributions!
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