National Seminar on EXPLORING DISABILITY RIGHTS PARADIGM IN INDIA on 28 Sep at Indian Law Institute, New Delhi [Submit by25 Sep]

Concept Note
Today, over one billion people in the world have a disability and as per Census 2011, approximately 2.68 crore citizens are ‘disabled’ in India. In spite of increasing rates of disability, we continue to treat persons with disability as an invisible group. This seminar attempts to stir up conversations about promotion of full realization of economic, social and cultural rights of persons with disability.

Persons with disability face difficulties in the most ordinary aspirations such as accessing public spaces and common properties such public washrooms; to enter in a school or classroom; to access information; going out to worship; owning properties and so on. This normally results in a sense of isolation, dependency and pervasive low self-esteem. The international community recognized these diverse attitudinal and environmental barriers and formulated the United Nations Convention for Rights of Persons with Disability. 

The Convention, based on human rights model of disability envisions a society where the persons with disability are treated at par with ‘able-bodied people’ and can enjoy individual autonomy; access to justice; accessibility to physical, social, economic and cultural environment; and vibrant public and community participation. It intends a governance structure where the stakeholders themselves are active participants in the decision-making process. The Rights encompassed in the Convention have been subsequently adopted in India’s domestic disability legislations. This seminar aims to discuss and exchange ideas on the efficacy of these domestic disability legislations in the Indian context. 

While the narratives around disability have evolved, the dialogue around mental disability is far from encouraging. Physical disability is visible and hence cannot be ignored but this does not stand true for mental ailments. This seminar aims to explore areas where the mentally disabled can be treated as ‘partner citizens’ and their rights are equally recognized.

About Seminar
By this seminar, the participants will engage in dialogue on different facets of disability, in terms of understanding, assessing behavioral as well as legal approach towards it. Voice would also be lent to lived experiences of persons who have encountered multiple vulnerabilities owing to age and gender.  

Applications are invited from teachers, advocates, PhD scholars, LLB/ LLM students, MA/MPhil students in Social Work or Social Sciences and Policy Makers.

Seats available for the Seminar are limited; the intake of the participants shall be on first come first serve basis on the payment of registration fees of Rs. 500/-. Participation Certificate, working lunch & tea in between the sessions would be provided to the registered participants. 

Receipt of applications: 25th September, 2109

Application Submission
Please send your applications to the ILI Registrar, Mr. Shreenibas Chandra Prusty ([email protected]).

Contact details
Seminar Coordinator
Dr. Jyoti Dogra Sood
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