Alexander von Humboldt Internet and Society Fellowship 2020 [Apply by 2 Sept]

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Who can apply
The Fellowship is open to early and advanced researchers with diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, who want to contribute to the range of the institute’s transdisciplinary internet research.
Based in the heart of Berlin, the HIIG provides a dynamic intellectual environment for fellows to pursue their own research interests and actively shape their stay. Fellows are invited to collaborate with an international team of researchers and to participate in the activities at the institute. They are offered a number of opportunities to share and discuss ideas. This includes:
  • Writing and publishing papers in one of the open access publications
  • Commenting on current developments in your field in form of HIIG blog posts
  • Holding presentations in one of the lunch talks
  • Organising expert workshops with your peers
  • Engaging in joint activities and projects with other fellows
Key Areas
For the 2020 class of fellows, they consider applicants who want to pursue topics that fall within one of the research programmes, groups or projects. Please read the information on each of the linked websites closely, and position yourself and/or your project within the programme that best suits you.
  • Fellows may use the HIIG facilities free of charge during their stay. However, they are expected to bring their own funding from their home institution or outside grants. Fellows must take care of accommodation, insurance, childcare, and travel arrangements. In special cases, fellows can apply for a travel grant of up to 700 Euros and a visa subsidy of up to 200 Euros.
  • Applicants should have a Master’s degree, PhD in process/planned (Junior Fellow) or Advanced PhD, post-doctoral researcher (Senior Fellow)
  • Fluency in English; command of German is appreciated
  • Research experience and a research project of your own that you want to pursue
The following documents are required for complete application:
  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter explaining your interest in the HIIG Fellowship, research background, and your expectations (1 page)
  • Research outline including A) your project, and how it responds to one of research programmes, B) the specific work you propose to conduct during the fellowship, C) deliverables, products or outcomes you aim to produce (max. 3 pages)
  • Optional: one writing or work sample covering internet research (in English or German)

Deadline: September 2, 2019

For more information, visit Internet and Society Fellowship.
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