British Council Small-Scale Research Project Scheme - South Asia

About Research Project
The British Council Small-Scale Research Project Scheme provides funding (up to £5,000) for early career researchers in the UK and countries in South Asia to work collaboratively on a joint research project. The duration of the research project should be between 6 to 12 months.
The scheme aims to provide early career researchers with the opportunity to gain skills and experience in conducting research internationally. It also aims to prepare researchers to form consortiums and apply for grants provide by funding agencies and international institutions.
The theme of the collaborative research project should be related to one of the South Asia science priority areas:
  • Water e.g. water resource management, water health and sanitation, water cooperation and diplomacy in South Asia.
  • Mental Health e.g. child developmental disabilities, mental health and resilience
  • Global Health e.g. South Asia global health, migration and health, refugees

Female researchers and those who identify as having a disability are encouraged to apply.

The deadline for submission of a completed application is 23:59 UK time on 31 July 2019. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered for funding. The application form can be submitted by any of the researchers involved in the project

For more information’s please refer the Official Website