WorldSSHNet International Conference on 6-7 December 2019 at Europe Lisbon, Portugal Instituto Universitário de Lisboa [Submit Before 30 Sept]

Call for Papers
WorldSSHNet is organising an international Conference out of a  conference series on “Living in a world of nation-states” at Europe Lisbon, Portugal Instituto Universitário de Lisboa on 6-7 December 2019.

The new conference series “Living in a world of nation states” aims at critically discussing the existing scientific knowledge and at going beyond this knowledge about what it means to live in a world of nation states and therefore focuses its reflections and debates on the following topics: 

1. Living in a nation state society 
  • – What is a citizen? 
  • – Freedom and equality, living in a society of private subjects 
  • – the economic basis of citizen’s life, making money 
  • – citizen’s life careers (families, childhood, education, jobs) 
  • – working for money 
  • – the labour market, 
  • – unemployment 
  • – citizen’s health 
  • – citizen’s aging 
  • – Being a national citizen, nationalism 
  • – social sciences’ theories about the nation state society 

2. The citizen and the political power of the nation state 
  • – living under the law 
  • – the political citizen 
  • – lawful political power, power and law, power instruments 
  • – human rights 
  • – morality of citizenship 
  • – protection of private properties 
  • – democracy, elections 
  • – political parties 
  • – trade unions 
  • – freedom of speech 
  • – the public opinion, media – social, human and natural sciences 
  • – social sciences’ theories about the nation state politics and power 

3. Political economics of the nation state’s political power 

  • – Objectives of nation state’s economics and the market economy 
  • – The “welfare” state – Labour market politics 
  • – National currencies, the national citizen society and the market economy 
  • – Financing the nation state, tax and credit 
  • – The nation state, ruling the national and international market economy, 
  • – national currencies and credit politics, national banks and the global market 
  • – nation state economic politics and the international financial market – economic theories 

4. Nation states in a world of states and a global market economy 
  • – and their citizens 
  • – Nation states and their societies in a world of nation states, the global market economy and their global „investors“ and the nation state’s people 
  • – The world of nation states consisting of different political and economic powers 
  • – Imperialism, de-colonialisation, 
  • – The national citizen societies, the global market economy and the different nation states 
  • – National currencies, credit politics and the global financial market 
  • – The world’s people as nationals, 
  • – Military power and war 
  • – Theories about imperialism and war 

The above topics will be discussed on a series of conferences across the world. The second conference will be held in Lisbon on the 6/17 December 2019. 
The conferences in this new conference series of the WorldSSHNet will last two days. On the first day only a limited amount of papers, which make substantial theoretical contributions to reflect on the above topics, will be presented with decent time for debates. 
On the second day, papers presenting studies, articles and alike about aspects of the topics will be presented with a shorter time budget. 
Papers/abstracts may preferably present theoretical contributions about the before mentioned topics or critical reflections about existing theories, possibly combine both – or suggest other topics missing on the above certainly not completed list of topics. All papers, including those, which might not be presented due to time constraints on the conferences will be published in the newly established WorldSSHNet journal “Beyond the Social Sciences”. 

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is the 30 September 2019. 
Please send them to: 

For More information in Draft Rationale and Call for Paper, Click Here.

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