The International Summer School 2019 (23 Jul -2 Aug) by Ministry of External Affairs, Gov of India at Delhi [Apply by 15 Jun]

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About Summer School
The International Summer School (ISS) is an intensive, six-week academic program that brings together students from across the world over the course of a summer in New Delhi, India. The program is convened annually under the banner of the Government’s acclaimed Incredible India campaign and with regular support from the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA).
The ISS aims at promoting international goodwill and cross-cultural dialogue amongst promising young individuals, developing their potential as future leaders in government, business and civil society. With India as a study model, it offers undergraduate course modules & experiences which introduce the students to a range of issues & debates that are shaping contemporary developing societies.
The 2019 session will be held from Sunday 23 June to Friday 2 August 2019. The six-week program is divided into two components:
  • A four-week academic session that is conducted at the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library inside the historic Teen Murti House, the official residence of India’s first Prime Minister; and
  • An optional, two-week volunteer and service learning experience that is primarily held outside Delhi/NCR in conjunction with organizations such as WWF-India.
The academic syllabus at the ISS provides an Indian perspective of the following:
  • Democracy, Governance & International Relations;
  • Growth, Development & Sustainability;
  • Society, Culture & Heritage;
  • Innovation, Technology & the Future of Work; and
  • Service Learning
  • Registration, Academic Facilitation & Administrative Fee: $ 475 (Rs. 33,316)
  • Tuition Fee (First four weeks): $1,425 (Rs. 99,949)
  • Service-Learning Fee (Final two weeks): $975 (Rs. 68,386)
  • Accommodation Fee (First four weeks): $1,375 (Rs. 96,442)
  • The Kautilya Council Scholarships (Partial)
  • Institution-specific Scholarships (Various)
  • Externally funded scholarships
For more details about the scholarships, visit here.
Last date for application: Jun 15
To apply online, visit here.
For any queries, e-mail: [email protected]
For any further information, visit the website here

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