Course on Advances in Learning and Decision Making at University of Allahabad on 11-22 Feb [Registrations Open]

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About the Course

The aim of this course is to introduce the multi-disciplinary approaches and methodologies for the investigation of learning & decision Making. The multi-disciplinary approaches include ideas from psychology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence/machine learning. The methodologies include computational, neurobiological and cognitive robotics.
The objective of the course is to introduce both these aspects while taking learning and decision-making as cognitive processes of interest. A secondary goal of the course is to illustrate how interdisciplinary and exchanges of knowledge, methods and points of views on a common object of interest (learning & decision-making) enables cross-fertilization between neuroscience, psychology, machine learning and robotics.
Module 1: Introduction to an Interdisciplinary Field of Studies (3 Lectures)
Module 2: Computational models of Machine Learning (5 Lectures)
Module 3: Value-based decision-making in Neuro & Psychology (3 Lectures)
Module 4: Ethical and societal questions (3 Lectures)
Module 5: Interfaces, Integration and Future Challenges (3 Lectures)

  • You are a graduate student in cognitive science, cognitive psychology, or neuroscience interested in extending your knowledge in this area.
  • You have an interest in learning and decision making in your studies in other related areas such as computer science or other engineering disciplines
  • You have a professional interest in situations where the study of learning and decision making is of practical importance.
Participants from abroad: US $200
Industry/ Research Organizations: Rs. 15000
Academic Institutions (Faculty): Rs. 8000
Academic Institutions (Students): Rs. 5000

Phone: 0532-2460738

For Official Link, click here.
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